Company Introduction

Taiwan Fengchaou Machinery Co.,Ltd.was founded in 1978 by Chen Tan-Shui.Fengchaou is a manufacturing company of coater printer machine, UV Dryer, and other related wood-working machineries. Our principles of “core research and development” and “professional manufacturing”have made us a world class supplier of the coating equipment. By having manufacturing centers throughout Asia, Fengchaou has established the brand as the most professional brand in coating.


FengChaou understands the market and innovates the best products to suit our customer’s needs. Recent examples include “Jet Air Dryer” which specifically dries water-based paints, “vacuum coater” which effectively reduces 60% of paint usage, and “Disc Type Brush Machine” which helps produce a three dimensional rustic look on work pieces. As wood supply gradually decrease, we have a responsibility to provide high quality wood-working instruments to our customers. FengChaou can help you create a forest of products from just one type of wood supply.


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